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Boboiboy Movie 2(2019)

8.0 /10

Malaysian computer-animated superhero comedy film directed by Nizam Razak. The film follows BoBoiBoy and friends as they have to fight an ancient villain named Retak’ka who wants to take over BoBoiBoy's elemental powers.

Director: Nizam Razak

Azhaggiye Thee(2019)

7.5 /10

Malaysian Tamil-language drama film. It tells the story of a young lady from rural estate who moves to Kuala Lumpur in hopes of better living, but has to goes through financial hard times and family problems. It is released on 27 June 2019 in Malaysia.

Director: Logan


7.8 /10

Malaysian Mandarin-language family drama film. The film follows as the adult siblings reunites when their old mother falls down, but they soon begins feuding one another for financial problems. It is a tribute and dedication to the late veteran actress Lai Meng.

Director: Bjarne Wong

Bu, Kasih Suci(2019)

9.3 /10

Malaysian Malay-language family drama film. It follows three different mothers: a housekeeper mom, a mother with adult child, a pregnant mother, and their families whose lives changes when an car accident happens. It was released on 11 April 2019 in Malaysia.

Director: Jeany Amir

Two Sisters(2019)

9.3 /10

Malaysian Mandarin-language psychological horror film by James Lee. The film follows two sisters who reunite after one of them is discharged from the asylum. As they move back to their abandoned haunted family house, a tragic family secret unfolds.

Director: James Lee

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